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  • Are Registered Dental Hygienist allowed to practice without a dentist?
    YES ! As of 2006 Registered Dental Hygienist are able to practice independently. This reflects the importance of giving Albertans more options for their treatment other then a traditional dental office. Registered Dental Hyginiest have options to open stand alone practices, mobile services and/or home based services.
  • Are Children Welcome at the Studio ?
    Absolutely! as a mom myself, I get the struggles with childcare at times. bring them along! Children are always welcome in the treatment room during your appointments.
  • I drink coffee/tea/red wine or smoke, Is there a limit on how often I can come in for a cleaning?"
    There is no limit on how often you can get your teeth cleaned. Treatment is client specific, after the intial assessment is completed, a follow up schedule will be recommended and customized for you.
  • Are Dental Hygiene /Dental Cleanings covered by dental insurance?
    Dental hygiene and other preventive oral care is covered under most dental plans. Red Deer Dental Hygiene Studio Inc is an Independenpent Dental Hygiene Clinic and can direct bill your provider for your services completed in our office.
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