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Our environment does not have the typical smells of a dental office. I can diffuse essential oils for a comforting and relaxing effect. I want the scents in our environment to ease our clients' tension and make them feel good while I tend to your oral health.


Personal Slippers

When you enter the studio, you will have the option of removing your shoes and putting on a pair of slippers. We want you to feel at home and give your feet a rest. Each pair of slippers is brand new and yours to take home when you leave. When was the last time you looked forward to your cleaning appointment?

Hot Towel Service

Perhaps the best part of your visit will be the final touch. At the end of your appointment, you will be offered a hot towel. Use the damp towel to reawaken and feel refreshed. 

Happy Visit Kids ages 1-3 Years Old


Complimentary “Happy Visit” so their first exposures to professional tooth care is fun and stress-free. Come check out the Studio, play with and learn about some equipment and take a ride in my dental chair. No charge. 10 Minute appointment* 


Convenient Appointment Times

​I offer flexibility and have extended hours on an appointment basis; evenings and early mornings to better assist client needs may be requested.


Free Parking

Parking is always free at Red Deer Dental Hygiene Studio; lots of free street parking. 



Denture, Nightguard, and

Sport Mouth Guard Cleaning

Get your dental appliances professionally cleaned in our Ultra-Sonic Baths! These professional disinfecting baths are the only instruments capable of disturbing biofilms (a collective of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, and protists) that form on your appliance. Clients are encouraged to bring in their appliances at every dental hygiene appointment for a complimentary clean.


Dentist/Dental Specialist Referrals

​We will collaborate with your current Dentist, or one of our referring Dentists if needed or requested. 

We have a referral base for highly recommended, honest Dentists when additional treatment may be needed. If an issue is detected, further steps are only taken with your participation and at your request.


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